Domaine la Soufrandise

In the centre of the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation, in southern Burgundy, the estate « Domaine la Soufrandise », with its six hectares, is small, but its strength lies in the age of the vines (half of them are more than 45 years old), and in the multitude of different plots of vineyards (more than 20); so many « climats », so many possibilities of blending or selection.

The soil favourable with Chardonnay, thus make of it an estate specialized in making of white high-class wines.

The estate is managed with a constant effort to treat the vines, the harvest and the wines, with respect in order to obtain an authentic expression of the « terroir ».

The vineyard :   to preserve the soil and the vines

    ~ Limiting the use of chemicals with the practice of a reasoned program, manure rather than fertilizer, reduction of the number of sprayings.

    ~ Use of light machines which don’t damage the soil.

    ~ Controlled natural grassing (spontaneous grassing in winter followed by post-emergence weed control or mechanical weeding).

    ~ Short pruning of the young plants in order not to dilute the grape.

The grape :   to produce the best grapes

    ~ To stop spraying 60 days before the harvest in order to avoid any residue.

    ~ To thin out the leaves by hand before harvesting in order to keep the grapes healthy without spraying.

    ~ To harvest by hand and quite late, two ways of favouring the influence of the soil and climate rather than the grape variety.

The wine making:   just the respect of a good vine substance

with as little handling as possible

    ~ Pneumatic pressing which offers low pressures and which allows pressing small or large quantities of grapes.

    ~ Spontaneous fermentation (without yeasting) often slow and with controlled temperatures (never above 24°C or 75°F).

    ~ Maturing either in tanks or in barrels, depending on the origin, for ten months on subtle lees.

Domaine La Soufrandise

Tel : 33 (0)3 85 35 64 04